• Principles of Switching and Adjustable Electric Valve Actuators

    Electric actuator in the control mode, there are two kinds of switching electric actuator and adjustable electric actuator, many customers do not understand the switch type and adjustment type of different, the main difference is that the valve switch control function is different. 1, switch type electric actuator switch type electric actuator is also known as open-loop control electric actuator, this actuator in the execution of valve operation only open, off two actions, that is, can only make the valve…

  • Brazilian customer visit

    On the morning of December 8, 2018, Mr. Zhu Kongfa, the chairman of the board, warmly received Brazilian customers. First, we watched QOTO’s corporate profile and product development videos in the conference room. Subsequently, the customer, accompanied by the company leader, visited the company’s production workshop and learned about the company’s manufacturing process on site. During the period, the technicians conducted detailed on-site operations, demonstrations and explanations on the products that were of interest to Brazilian customers. Brazilian customers are…

  • QOTO’s self-introduction

    QOTO is a Chinese company with 12 of experience in the manufacture of electric actuators, and we are committed to helping our customers solve all problems with valve automation. To customer demand-oriented, so as to achieve a win-win situation with customers. The QOTO actuators operate reliably in all areas of the world, including water supply, sewage treatment, power plants, pipelines, refineries and other industrial plants to control the flow of liquids or gases, powders or particles. Our actuators can be…

  • PTQT intelligent explosion-proof electric actuator

      The product’s maximum output torque range is 50-2000N.M. A variety of parameter specifications are available. For more information, please click on the PDF brochure or contact us directly: PTQT Series Explosion-proof Electric Actuators Download: 2018 New Catalog of all Electric Valve Actuators

  • Teach you to understand the electric actuator wiring diagram

    First of all, to figure out the meaning of the various logos, and then understand the connection method, and then learn to see the different styles of the map. Electric valve actuators can be divided into AC (AC110V, AC220V, AC380V) and DC (DC24V, DC12V) according to the power supply voltage. They are divided into active switch type, passive switch type, potentiometer type and regulation type according to the control mode. Through the different wiring diagrams below: 1, active switch type,…

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