• Development trend of electric valve sealing technology

    Speaking of electric valves, we all know that the types of electric valves are particularly large, but the basic role is the same, that is, connecting or truncating the media flow.Therefore, the valve sealing problem appears to be very prominent . To ensure that the electric valve can be a good truncation of the media flow, no leakage, to ensure that the electric valve seal intact. There are many reasons for valve leakage, including unreasonable structural design, defective sealing contact…

  • What are the application areas of electric actuators?

    Electric actuators are mainly used in the following three major areas 1. Power Plant Typical applications are: ① Thermal Power Industry applications Fan valve bezel once inlet wind valve bezel air pre-hot air door bezel flue gas recirculation bypass windshield bezel two times inlet wind door bezel main bellows valve bezel burner adjustment rod burner Swing driver hydraulic putter driver turbine speed flue gas regulator valve vapor regulator valve ball valve and butterfly valve control sliding Door Gate ② Application…

  • Determine the control mode of the electric actuator according to the production process control requirements

    1.Switch type (open-loop control) Switch type electric actuator generally achieve the valve on or off control, the valve is either in a fully open position, or in a full-off position, such valves do not need to accurately control the media flow. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the switch type electric actuator can be divided into split structure and integrated structure because of the different structure form.This must be explained when selecting, otherwise it will often occur in the…

  • Choose the right electric actuator for your valve

    Select electric actuator according to valve type 1. The Quarter-turn Electric Actuator(angle <360 degrees) is suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, etc. The rotation of the output shaft of the electric actuator is less than one week, that is, less than 360 degrees, usually 90 degrees to achieve the valve opening and closing process control. Such electric actuators are divided into direct connection type and base crank type according to different installation interface modes. a) Direct connection: refers…

  • Advantages of electric valves

    Electric valve Action Force distance than ordinary valve larger, electric valve switch action speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance, can be used to control air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium and other types of fluid flow. The traditional pneumatic valve action process due to the buffer characteristics of the gas itself, not easy to be damaged by the jammed, but must have gas source, and its control system is…

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