• Working principle of multi-turn, straight stroke and angular stroke electric device  

    The electric Device (actuator) is composed of an actuator and a regulating body. Classification by debugging: intrusive, non-invasive two categories, according to the use of functional division there are the following major types: Electric device to control mode: Switch type, adjustment type. Gas dielectric Environment classification: explosion-proof type, waterproof type. Ambient temperature classification: Overall type, division size. Motor operation mode: continuous operation, discontinuous operation (S1, S4). Switching speed classification: Tanchu, multistage speed. Axial displacement mode: Multi-rotation, straight stroke, angular stroke….

  • How to select the model of the electric actuator according to the torque required by the valve

    Electric valve is composed of valves and electric actuators, valves mainly have ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, etc., due to a variety of caliber, pressure is different, the required torque is also different, so according to different caliber and pressure of the valve to choose the appropriate torque of the electric actuator. Valve normal opening and closing of the torque required by the valve caliber size, working pressure and other factors, but because of valve manufacturers processing accuracy, assembly…

  • What are the main uses of electric actuators?

    At present, the layout of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects, the main users of valves are petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, Chemical industry and urban construction industry. Electric actuator manufacturers mentioned API standard gate valves, Globe valves and check valves are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. The Power department mainly adopts the high temperature pressure gate valve, the cut-off valve, the check valve, the safety valve and the low pressure butterfly…

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