Advantages of electric valves

Electric valve Action Force distance than ordinary valve larger, electric valve switch action speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance, can be used to control air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium and other types of fluid flow.
The traditional pneumatic valve action process due to the buffer characteristics of the gas itself, not easy to be damaged by the jammed, but must have gas source, and its control system is more complex than the electric valve. The electric valve is simply to use an electric actuator. Control the valve to achieve valve opening and closing. It can be divided into up and down two parts, the upper part is electric actuator, the lower part is the valve.
Electric valves should be simulated before installation and pressure tests. Advantages: The liquid medium and large pipe diameter gas effect is good, not affected by climate.
Not affected by the pressure of air pressure gas. Electric valves are usually made up of electric actuators and valves. The electric valve uses electric energy as the power to drive the valve through the electric actuator to realize the switch action of the valve.So as to achieve the switching purpose of the pipeline medium.
Solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve, is the use of electromagnetic coil generated by the magnetic field to pull the valve core, thus changing the valve body through the break, coil power outage, the valve core depends on the spring pressure return. Electric valve: For the liquid, gas and wind system pipeline dielectric flow analog regulation, is AO control.

Advantages of electric valves

In the control of large valves and wind systems, the electric valve can also be used to do two-bit switch control.
The application fields of electric valves are: 1. Valves for oil and gas wellhead installations. 2. Oil and natural gas long-distance pipeline valves. 3. Valves for nuclear power. 4.Offshore oil valves. Petrochemical, Power valves. 5.Environmental protection valves 6.Valves for metallurgical systems.7.Alumina Industrial Valves

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