• QOTO products are used in power plants

    The above products are all PTQT series and PT series produced by QOTO, and the installation location is located in a power plant in Shanghai.QOTO has 12 years of experience in the production and sales of valve electric actuators, and we have extensive experience in engineering projects.

  • PTAT live case

    The above picture is a real photo provided by the PTAT series of customers.If you are interested in this, please contact me.

  • PT / PTJ in the steel plant

    The above products are QOTO’s PT/PTJ series. Quick purchase

  • Water Treatment

    Water Actuator systems – proven and certified worldwide Drinking water abstraction and distribution, as well as sewage disposal and purifi cation are basic prerequisites for infrastructure development. Security of suppliy is crucial for modern water industry. Piping of different lengths and nominal diameters must be automated with a multitude of valve types. QOTO actuators are widely used in steel constructions for water systems to operate weirs and sluice gates. QOTO are well implanted in the water industry due to their…

  • Power Industry

    Energy Modular design for extreme requirements Power plants consisting of systems such as water and steam circuits, flue gas purification, cooling tower, boiler systems, and turbines. The control system regulates the processes within these systems to be visualised within the control room. Electric actuators mounted to valves control water and steam flows within piping systems. QOTO actuators offer an interface for all automated valves adapted to the power plant control systems. When used in power plants, QOTO actuators are characterised…

  • Petrochemical Industry

    Oil & gas Defining the limit as Standard Oil & gas are crucial energy sources for the industry. They are extracted, processed, and distributed using most sophisticated technologies and procedures. Due to the high potential hazards for people and environment, strict sets of regulations must be observed within the oil & gas sector. QOTO complying with the increasing market demands for vendor list approvals and explosion protection certificates. QOTO actuators fully meet the requirements of the oil & gas industry…

  • Chemical Industry

    Industry Specialists for all applications Everything flows. Virtually always. As a general rule, a multitude of substance and material flows can be found in industrial systems. Modular and flexible concepts are required for appropriate flow control. Already at the planning stage, QOTO engineers are in close contact with the plant designers to optimally satisfy the multitude of requirements in industrial processes. Whether standard or tailor-made solutions, safety-relevant questions or special mounting situations – the modular QOTO product range offers an…

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