Development trend of electric valve sealing technology

Speaking of electric valves, we all know that the types of electric valves are particularly large, but the basic role is the same, that is, connecting or truncating the media flow.Therefore, the valve sealing problem appears to be very prominent .
To ensure that the electric valve can be a good truncation of the media flow, no leakage, to ensure that the electric valve seal intact. There are many reasons for valve leakage, including unreasonable structural design, defective sealing contact surface, loosening of fastening parts, tight coordination between valve body and valve cover, and so on, all these problems may lead to poor valve sealing, resulting in leakage problems.
Therefore, valve sealing technology is an important technology related to the performance and quality of electric valves, and it is necessary to carry out systematic and in-depth research. Electric valves from the generation to the present, its sealing technology has also undergone a great development.
So far, the electric valve sealing technology is mainly embodied in two major aspects, namely, static seal and dynamic seal.
The so-called static seal, usually refers to the two static surface between the seal, the static seal sealing method is mainly the use of gaskets.
The so-called dynamic seal, mainly refers to the valve rod seal, that is, do not let the media in the valve with the stem movement and leakage, the sealing method of the dynamic seal is mainly the use of filler letter.
Back to the point, focus and let’s talk about the development trend of electric valve sealing technology.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the requirements for electric valves are becoming higher and greater, so valve sealing technology is also constantly developing, new sealing materials and technology is also constantly emerging.
Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
① raw Material seal. What is raw material? is the material of polymer organic compounds before sintering into products. Raw materials have the characteristics of soft texture, can produce a single molecular membrane effect. Raw materials can be freely formed when used, and as long as there is pressure, it will form a uniform annular film, this ring film has played a sealing role.
Raw materials are very convenient to use, can be made into a certain shape, easy to replace, good sealing effect.
② Liquid seal. Liquid seal refers to the use of liquid sealant to achieve electric valve sealing a sealing technology, it is generally used for static sealing.
In liquid seals, the single molecular membrane effect of liquid sealants is mainly used to make it work like a washer under appropriate pressure.
③ Corrugated Pipe seal. Corrugated pipe seal refers to the use of corrugated pipe to achieve electric valve sealing a sealing technology, it is generally used for dynamic sealing. In the corrugated pipe seal, the two ends of the bellows are usually fixed with other parts, so when the stem movement, the bellows will produce telescopic, as long as the bellows themselves remain intact, the media will not leak, so that the valve can be sealed. This valve sealing technology is mainly used in the chemical industry and the Atomic energy industry, for the inability to use filler sealing occasions.

Development trend of electric valve sealing technology

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