Electric actuator application analysis

Electric actuators, also known as electric actuators. It is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion that uses some kind of drive energy and works with some kind of control signal.
The utility model has the advantages that the energy is convenient to use, the signal transmission speed is fast, the transmission distance is long, the centralized control is convenient, the sensitivity and the precision are high, the electric adjustment instrument is convenient to cooperate, and the installation wiring is simple.
Electric actuators are the most cost-effective compared to hydraulic and pneumatic versions. Electric actuators (electric pushers/electric cylinders) are cleaner, easier to operate, and more energy efficient, so users benefit. The integrated design of the electric actuator is easier to program control and minimizes maintenance, unless extreme lubrication conditions are not required.
main feature
1. Integrated structure design, position transmitter and servo amplifier can be directly installed into the actuator as two independent components, directly accept 4-20mA control signal, and output 4-20mA or 1-5VDC valve position feedback signal. With self-diagnosis function, it is very convenient to use and adjust.
2, functional modular structure design, through the combination of different optional functions, to achieve simple to complex control to meet different application requirements.
3, simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to install and maintain, mechanical parts are all CNC machining, exquisite workmanship.
4. All the transmissions adopt small backlash sealing gears, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable and reliable, no need to refuel.
5, with a variety of operating speeds, can meet the requirements of various control systems to ensure the system’s rapid response and stability.
6. The connection between the PSL series and the valve is connected by a flexible coil spring, which can avoid the influence of different shafts of the valve stem and the output shaft on the valve. The valve closing force can be preset to ensure the reliable shut-off of the valve and prevent leakage.
7. The drive motor adopts high-speed synchronous motor made of high-performance rare earth magnetic material and runs smoothly. It has the characteristics of small volume, large torque, anti-blocking and high control precision.
8. Segment adjustment can be set, that is, the dual-time proportional signal output by one regulator controls two actuators (4-12mA corresponds to full open and close of PSL1, and 12-20mA corresponds to full open and close of PSL2).
9. The valve position feedback component adopts a fully sealed high-precision multi-turn potentiometer, which has the characteristics of small volume, high precision, small dead zone and long service life.
10, the stroke is adjustable, easy to connect with the valve.
11. All electrical components are made of world famous brand products with reliable quality and long service life.
12. The wiring of electrical components is rigorous and completely isolated from the transmission components, which improves the reliability of the operating mechanism.

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