• Working principle and structure composition of electric valve

    Introduction to the working principle of the electric actuator: The electric valve is usually connected by an electric actuator and a valve, which becomes an electric valve after installation and commissioning. The electric valve uses electric energy as power to connect the electric actuator drive valve to realize the valve switch and adjust the action.In order to achieve the pipeline medium switch or adjustment purposes. Electric Valve drive is generally with the motor, on or off the completion of the…

  • The selection of valve electric actuator should be based on what?

    The QOTO valve electric actuator is a device that operates the valve and connects it to the valve. The device is electrically driven and its motion can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust. The performance and use of valve electrical equipment depends on the type of valve, the operating specification of the equipment and the position of the valve in the pipe or equipment. Therefore, it is important to properly select the valve installation equipment and consider how…

  • Valve electric actuator selection basis

    Valve electric actuators refer to machines that use electrical energy as the main source of energy to drive valves. Today, I would like to tell you the five choices for valve electric actuators: One. Output speed: The opening and closing speed of the valve is fast, which is easy to produce water hammer. Therefore, the appropriate opening and closing speed should be selected according to different conditions of use. Two. Number of rotations of the output shaft: The number of…

  • Model representation of electric butterfly valve

    The complicated electric valve market has brought some troubles to many consumers, not to mention the uneven quality, the price difference is too much, even the model representation method has to come up with a variety of things, so the consumers of different lines are only in The entry of the model is hard to come by. In fact, all walks of life have their own default representations for the model representation of their own industry. Today we will talk…

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