Features of explosion-proof electric valve electric device

Valve using tight seal or valve pressure, valve cover seal washer structure, trustworthy, safe and reliable.

The valve adopts an intermediate double plate universal top structure, which automatically adjusts the fit between the valve and the seat sealing surface to ensure that the valve is sealed, while this structure is easy to maintain, saves cost and better valve interchangeability.

Seat sealing surface spraying tungsten carbide, by the plasma formation of cobalt chromium alloy, sealing surface hardness is high, wear-resistant, wear-resistant, long service life.
PTQT Series Explosion-proof Electric Actuators
The stem adopts nitride steel, surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life. The electric unit of mine explosion-proof electric valve is equipped with torque control mechanism, field Operation mechanism and manual, electric switching mechanism.

In addition to local operations, it can also be used for remote operation, PLC control, intelligent control of 4~20ma current input and output. Manual valve opens the mechanism or hands-on wheel knock.

Reduces valve operating force.

Valves can be installed anywhere in the pipe, while carbon steel or alloy steel valves are selected according to the temperature of the media and media. During initial installation and commissioning, the valve must be manually opened to approximately half of the position so as not to cause the motor phase sequence reversal or electrical valve damage.

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