What are the specifications of the electric actuator? How to distinguish between

The electric actuator is mostly matched with the valve and is used in the automatic control system. There are many kinds of electric actuators, different in the way of action, such as the angular stroke electric actuator is the output corner torque, and the straight stroke electric actuator is the output displacement thrust. The type of electric actuator used in the system should be selected according to the working needs of the valve. The types of valves themselves are quite diverse, and the uses and working principles of various valves vary, but in general valves are controlled by rotating disc angles or lifting valve plates to control the opening and closing or switching angles. The type of electric actuator is to be matched according to the opening and closing mode of the valve.
1, Multi-turn electric actuator
The multi-turn electric actuator is also an electric actuator that outputs angular torsion, and the difference between it and the angular stroke electric actuator is that its output shaft rotates greater than 360 degrees.
Multi-turn electric actuator is suitable for Multi-turn rotation to complete the opening and closing process of the rotating valve, such as gate valve and globe valve.
2, Linear modulating electric actuator
The direct stroke electric actuator outputs the displacement thrust, which is suitable for valve types used for disc lifting control, such as single-seat regulator valves and two-seater regulator valves.
3. Quarter-turn Electric Actuator
The angular stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the rotary valve. Angle stroke electric actuator output shaft rotation less than one week, that is, 360 degrees, such as butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valve rotation angle is usually less than 90 degrees, angular stroke electric actuator rotation in 90 degrees position can achieve the valve opening and closing process. The angle stroke electric actuator is divided into two kinds of direct-connected electric actuator and base crank electric actuator According to the installation interface mode. The output shaft of the direct-attached electric actuator is directly connected directly to the valve stem, while the base crank electric actuator is connected to the stem through a crank.

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