• What are the requirements for valves when the Qoto electric actuator is installed

    The valves of the QOTO electric actuator will have a variety of assembly standards during the actual assembly process, but such electric actuators do not work alone, but they basically need to have a comprehensive device link with the valve or some other solenoid valve so that they can be used,And when the QOTO electric actuator is installed, there are a variety of mounting methods that can be divided into direct-attached mounting methods, or base-type mounting methods. Generally speaking, when…

  • Brazilian customer visit

    On the morning of December 8, 2018, Mr. Zhu Kongfa, the chairman of the board, warmly received Brazilian customers. First, we watched QOTO’s corporate profile and product development videos in the conference room. Subsequently, the customer, accompanied by the company leader, visited the company’s production workshop and learned about the company’s manufacturing process on site. During the period, the technicians conducted detailed on-site operations, demonstrations and explanations on the products that were of interest to Brazilian customers. Brazilian customers are…

  • QOTO participates in the 17th International PCVExpo in Russia

    17th International PCVExpo held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow from October 23rd to 25th, 2018. Exhibits: Electric actuators (corner electric actuators, linear electric actuators, multi-turn electric actuators, explosion-proof electric actuators), electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric control valves, electric valves  

  • Welcome to the 2018 Russia Exhibition

    We will attend the 17th International PCVExpo held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow from October 23rd to 25th, 2018. Our booth number is: Pavilion 1, Hall 4, Booth G633 If you happen to be on site or convenient to the site, please move to our booth, we will attach a gift, and you will receive a discount at the event. You can also leave a message here to make an appointment to meet at the show.

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