• Problems to be aware of when purchasing imported electric actuators

    1. Drive energy The most commonly used electric actuator drive energy source is a power source or a fluid source. If the power source is selected as the drive energy source, a three-phase power source is generally selected for a large-sized valve, and a single-phase power source can be selected for a small-size valve. General electric actuators are available in a variety of power types. Sometimes DC power can be selected, and the battery can be safely operated by installing…

  • Three maintenance methods for valve electric actuators

    Valve electric devices, like the electrical equipment used in our daily life, must also be cleaned and maintained to achieve longevity. Our staff must ensure that the equipment is in a state of cleanliness, good lubrication, complete valve parts and normal operation. The following are some of the maintenance methods introduced: 1. Lubrication of valve electric actuator: trapezoidal thread of valve electric device, sliding part of stem nut and bracket, bearing part, meshing part of gear and worm wheel, worm…

  • Electric actuator application analysis

    Electric actuators, also known as electric actuators. It is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion that uses some kind of drive energy and works with some kind of control signal. The utility model has the advantages that the energy is convenient to use, the signal transmission speed is fast, the transmission distance is long, the centralized control is convenient, the sensitivity and the precision are high, the electric adjustment instrument is convenient to cooperate, and the installation wiring…

  • How is the electric actuator installed and commissioned?

    People in industrial production have an understanding of electric actuators. It is the terminal equipment for measurement and control in the production of enterprises. After the frequency screen input signal is displayed, the control signal is automatically converted into a parameter displacement guiding mechanism, and the motion is performed according to a certain displacement after the analysis. Electric actuators are divided into two categories according to different control methods: proportional and integral. The basic principle of the product is the…

  • Introduction to the internal structure of the angular stroke pneumatic actuator

    Due to safety and cost reasons, the advancement in the efficiency, construction, production process and electronics of magnetic materials, lead screws and ball screws has increased the power density of the motor during this time. The most important benefit it brings is the ability to generate more powerful power while maintaining high efficiency. The advantages of the motor are also reflected in the transmission, mainly through the gearbox. The castings were finite element analysis to improve their load handling capabilities….

  • Model representation of electric butterfly valve

    The complicated electric valve market has brought some troubles to many consumers, not to mention the uneven quality, the price difference is too much, even the model representation method has to come up with a variety of things, so the consumers of different lines are only in The entry of the model is hard to come by. In fact, all walks of life have their own default representations for the model representation of their own industry. Today we will talk…

  • What is the classification of valve electric actuators?

    Classified by operating system 1, the wind system uses electric valves Electric conditioning damper ※ Smoke exhaust valve ※VAV damper 2, the water system uses electric valves Electric two-way valve ※Electric three-way valve ※balance valve Electric air valve classification Electric actuators are also classified according to the type of actuator. 1. Use the valve of the quarter-turn actuator Fan coil electric valve Manipulating the ball valve Butterfly valve 2. Valves using straight stroke actuators Compact control valve Seat valve Water…

  • What are the benefits of new butterfly valves for regulating flow in pipes?

    The new butterfly valve can better regulate the pressure and flow in the pipe. For process industry enterprises, water treatment and public institutions, the regulation of water flow in pipelines is a very demanding mission. The Electric actuator B + RS160 knows that the cavitation effect and water hammer effect of water flow will bring great constraints to the planning of process equipment, reduce the production power of process equipment, and increase the cost of process equipment protection and maintenance….

  • Need to pay attention to the output speed when purchasing the actuator?

    If the opening and closing speed of the valve is too fast, it is easy to cause water hammer. Therefore, the appropriate opening and closing speed should be selected according to different operating conditions. Electric actuators know that valve electric equipment has its special requirements, that is, it is necessary to restrain torque or axial force. Generally, the valve electric equipment uses a coupling that constrains torque. When the electric equipment standard is determined, its control torque is also determined….

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