• QOTO products are used in power plants

    The above products are all PTQT series and PT series produced by QOTO, and the installation location is located in a power plant in Shanghai.QOTO has 12 years of experience in the production and sales of valve electric actuators, and we have extensive experience in engineering projects.

  • What is the difference between an intelligent electric actuator and an intelligent integrated electric actuator?

    Now the intelligent electric actuator has not been well recognized specifications, but the basic definition has now been consistent. The performance of intelligence is mainly in several ways: 1. No open cover debugging. 2. With human-computer interface. 3. Torque detection selection of motor current detection methods. 4. Azimuth sensor selection encoder (split relative encoder and positive encoder) 5. The function of self-diagnosis with faults. 6. With bus interface (multiple protocols optional) and so on. Intelligent integrated electric Actuator is shown…

  • What are the relevant parameters of the valve electric actuator?

    Valve electric Actuator is divided into two categories of straight stroke and angular stroke. The electric actuator is powered by a power supply, which is mainly used for the control of valve opening and closing, as well as for the flow regulation control of the piping medium. Basic parameter performance of the electric actuator: 1, control voltage: ac220v50/60hz, dc24v, ac380v, dc220v or specify other. 2, the output torque of the electric actuator: according to the valve on or off when…

  • PTAT live case

    The above picture is a real photo provided by the PTAT series of customers.If you are interested in this, please contact me.

  • PT / PTJ in the steel plant

    The above products are QOTO’s PT/PTJ series. Quick purchase

  • QOTO participates in the 17th International PCVExpo in Russia

    17th International PCVExpo held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow from October 23rd to 25th, 2018. Exhibits: Electric actuators (corner electric actuators, linear electric actuators, multi-turn electric actuators, explosion-proof electric actuators), electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric control valves, electric valves  

  • Problems to be aware of when purchasing imported electric actuators

    1. Drive energy The most commonly used electric actuator drive energy source is a power source or a fluid source. If the power source is selected as the drive energy source, a three-phase power source is generally selected for a large-sized valve, and a single-phase power source can be selected for a small-size valve. General electric actuators are available in a variety of power types. Sometimes DC power can be selected, and the battery can be safely operated by installing…

  • What are the valves that are often seen and used in daily life?

    Valves are rarely noticed, but they play a vital role in our daily lives, operating the valve each time a faucet or gas stove is turned on, or when a water heater is used. An electric valve that helps maintain our quality of life by controlling all types of flow. They are critical to our home and almost all manufacturing processes as well as every industrial equipment and system. Different uses (on/off, control), different fluids (liquid or gas, flammable, toxic…

  • Three maintenance methods for valve electric actuators

    Valve electric devices, like the electrical equipment used in our daily life, must also be cleaned and maintained to achieve longevity. Our staff must ensure that the equipment is in a state of cleanliness, good lubrication, complete valve parts and normal operation. The following are some of the maintenance methods introduced: 1. Lubrication of valve electric actuator: trapezoidal thread of valve electric device, sliding part of stem nut and bracket, bearing part, meshing part of gear and worm wheel, worm…

  • What are the advantages of electric control valves?

    1. Good adjustment function The adjustment function is one of the main functions of the regulating valve</a>, which is characterized by 1 flow characteristic; 2 adjustable ratio R; 3 small opening working performance; 4 flow coefficient; 5 adjusting speed. The full-function ultra-light regulating valve R=100 makes the small opening degree adjustable; the Kv value is large, which is 2 to 3 times that of the single double seat valve and the sleeve valve. 2. Cut off function is good The…

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