• Need to pay attention to the output speed when purchasing the actuator?

    If the opening and closing speed of the valve is too fast, it is easy to cause water hammer. Therefore, the appropriate opening and closing speed should be selected according to different operating conditions. Electric actuators know that valve electric equipment has its special requirements, that is, it is necessary to restrain torque or axial force. Generally, the valve electric equipment uses a coupling that constrains torque. When the electric equipment standard is determined, its control torque is also determined….

  • What should you watch out for when selecting a valve electric device?

    At present, the distribution of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects. The largest users of valves are petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical department, chemical industry and urban construction department. The petrochemical industry mainly uses API standard gate valves, globe valves and check valves; the power sector mainly uses high-temperature pressure gate valves, globe valves, check valves and safety valves for power stations and some low-pressure butterfly valves and gate valves for water supply and…

  • Safety Relief Valve FAQs

    Companies that repair, test, maintain or supply valves routinely receive inquiries from end users about safety-relief valves. Here are a few questions frequently asked of one VMA member. Q: What is the proper way to install a safety or safety relief valve (SRV)? A: Mount SRVs in a vertical, upright position. Installing an SRV in any position other than vertical (within plus or minus one degree) will induce misalignment of moving parts, which will adversely affect its operation and may…

  • Valve electric actuator manual and troubleshooting

    Valve electric actuator instructions Valve electric actuator instructions: valve electric actuators must be used in accordance with the formal use, if you do not understand the random operation, it will cause damage to the valve. It is recommended that everyone use it after professional training, which is more beneficial to us. So how should this machine be maintained? 1. We see that it is maintained in a long-term manner, not in the short term. After using the machine, you should…

  • The role and classification of valves

    Valves have many functions. Different valves should use different valves. Different types of valves have different configurations, and these functions are effective means to control the process and ensure safety. Valves are generally divided into automatic valves and drive valves. Automatic valves (such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps, check valves) rely on changes in the pressure of the device or pipeline medium to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. The driving valve (gate valve, globe valve,…

  • Teach you to choose an electric actuator for the valve

    The valve electric device is an indispensable driving device for realizing valve program control, automatic control and remote control. The movement process can be controlled by the stroke, torque or axial thrust. So how can we choose a suitable valve electric device? From the point of view of sales, what parameters do we need to determine which valve electric device the customer needs? The following is a small series to explain in detail: Of course, the easiest thing is that…

  • Electric actuator (electric actuator) common troubleshooting method

    Here are the general fault resolution methods for various electric actuators (electric actuators), which may vary from brand to brand and model. In addition, if you can understand the structure and working principle of the electric actuator, it is very useful for judging the intention. Structure and working principle, If you have other questions, please click to contact us.

  • Five points of knowledge of valve electric actuator

    1. Select electric actuator according to valve type There are quite a variety of valves, and the working principle is not the same. Generally, the opening and closing control is realized by rotating the valve plate angle and lifting valve plate. When it is matched with the electric actuator, the electric actuator should be selected according to the type of the valve. 1.1. Angle-stroke electric actuator (angle <360 degrees) The rotation of the output shaft of the electric actuator is…

  • About QOTO Electric Valve Actuators

    Power Tomorrow Actuator Valve offers a full line of electric actuators with torque ranges from 100 to 20,000 inch-pounds, in 115VAC, 230VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC voltages. All electric actuators are available for modulating (4-20mA control) or on-off service. Fully adjustable limit switches allow for fine control of on-off positions.   WHAT IS A VALVE ACTUATOR? Valve actuators are a vital component in the modern day chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, and electric power industries. These devices allow…

  • What are the main reasons for determining the quality factor of electric actuators?

    Electric actuators generally consist of the following parts: Special motor, characterized by strong overload capability, large starting torque, small moment of inertia, short-term and intermittent operation. A speed reduction mechanism for reducing the output speed of the motor. A stroke control mechanism for adjusting and accurately controlling the opening and closing position of the electric actuator. A torque limiting mechanism for adjusting the torque (or thrust) and not exceeding a predetermined value. Manual, electric switching mechanism, interlocking mechanism for manual…

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