• How should electric actuators and pneumatic actuators be chosen?

    Executive agencies can be divided into Electric actuator,,Pneumatic actuators, electro-hydraulic actuators, gas-liquid actuators. This is the most concerned with electric actuators and pneumatic actuators, but there is a big difference between them. There are great differences in performance and price, which affect the choice of users.  1. Main considerations for implementing agency selection   The main considerations for actuator selection are: 1 reliability; 2 economy; 3 smooth operation, sufficient output torque; 4 simple structure, easy maintenance, etc.   2.Electric actuators and comparison of…

  • What is a quarter-turn actuator?

    The quarter-turn actuator is an electric device that controls the valve from 0 to 90 degrees. The angular travel of 0~90° is used to control the angular stroke valve such as ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve and louver valve. The function of the angular stroke electric actuator is Receiving the standard value galvanic signal of 0~10, 4~20 mA or 1~5 volts sent by the regulator or other instrument, after the actuator becomes the displacement thrust or the corner torque…

  • Determining Factors in Choosing Pneumatic VS Electric Actuators

    Since their technologies are so different, determining whether to choose a pneumatic or electric actuator for a process system may seem confusing.   Typically, electric actuators are known for their high levels of precision while pneumatic actuators are considered less expensive and easier to maintain.  Each technology has its inherent advantages and disadvantages and the criteria below should be considered to ensure the best actuator for the application is purchased. 1. Power Source: Determine the most effective power source for the actuator taking into account power…

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