PTD intelligent combined multi-turn electric actuator

Product features and advantages

1. Module advantages: using absolute encoder. LED liquid crystal display, infrared remote control, rotary setting button, ABB AC contactor.
2. Multi-selection function:single-phase protection, three-phase automatic phase sequence, motor overheat protection, over-torque protection, fault alarm, electronic torque measurement, etc. 16 kinds of multi-function optional.
3. Product picture detail,please click to download PDF Catalog file:Product details and product comparison chart

PTD intelligent combined multi-turn electric actuator

The maximum torque range of this product is 300-15000N.M.  A variety of parameter specifications are available for selection. For details, please click on the PDF product brochure or contact us directly.

PTD intelligent combined multi-turn electric actuator Product specification manual


Product selection table


Optional specifications



Protection level


Explosion-proof grade


Operating temperature

-30°C+70°C -60°C+120°C

AC voltage


Output speed rpm


Proportional control

Input and output 4-20mA DC

Output flow

switching value, regulated discharge

Field control unit

Process Control On/stop/Off Field/Remote Control

Bus control

Profibus DP,Modbus RTU,Foundation Fieldbus,HART

Control System

Different functions can be customized according to customer needs

IF you need more infomation, please click to download PDF Catalog file: 

PT Series Multi-turn Electric Vαlve Actuators .

PT electric actuatΟr working principle.

Download: 2018 New Catalog of all Electric Valve Actuators

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