Introduction to the internal structure of the angular stroke pneumatic actuator

Due to safety and cost reasons, the advancement in the efficiency, construction, production process and electronics of magnetic materials, lead screws and ball screws has increased the power density of the motor during this time. The most important benefit it brings is the ability to generate more powerful power while maintaining high efficiency. The advantages of the motor are also reflected in the transmission, mainly through the gearbox. The castings were finite element analysis to improve their load handling capabilities. Instead of modular assembly, the design concentrates key components in a closed unit to protect them from shock and vibration. There are many components for angular stroke pneumatic actuators, including fuel tanks, pumps, DC motors, motor relays, solenoid valves, check valves, hydraulic cylinders, push-button consoles, and more. Reliability has been improved in recent years based on highly reliable electronics and minimal failure possibilities, and in most applications it is more durable than machines equipped with hydraulic electric actuators.
The load, the determined load ratio, the specified stroke length and the contraction length, the exact load on the quarter-turn pneumatic actuator may not be known due to the effect of the intermediate connection. The exact load can be determined by software packages that simulate mechanical systems or by placing load cells on the actuator. The electric linear actuator can be easily configured by changing the gear ratio, lead screw, motor and electronic control parameters to meet various application requirements. When the desired control position is reached, excess hydraulic oil will flow back to the tank through the adjustable relief valve. The electrical input signal from the controller acts on the solenoid of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, at which point the system exerts a force on the armature that deviates from the center position. The baffle is connected to the armature, whereby unequal spacing between the nozzles can be formed.

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