Principles of Switching and Adjustable Electric Valve Actuators

Electric actuator in the control mode, there are two kinds of switching electric actuator and adjustable electric actuator, many customers do not understand the switch type and adjustment type of different, the main difference is that the valve switch control function is different.

1, switch type electric actuator

switch type electric actuator is also known as open-loop control electric actuator, this actuator in the execution of valve operation only open, off two actions, that is, can only make the valve in the open or full off state.
Switch type electric actuator can not control the amplitude of valve switch, it is not possible to accurately control the flow of media. Switching electric actuators are constructed in two ways, split structure and integrated structure. The switched electric actuator of the split structure must be paired with a control unit to complete the control operation, so it is not convenient for the whole installation of the system, and the investment cost is large, the failure rate is high, which is not conducive to diagnosis and maintenance. The all-in-one electric actuator combines the control unit with the electric actuator to complete the operation of the valve without having to match the control unit separately.
The all-in-one electric actuator supports remote control, so long as the output control information of the electric actuator, it can complete the operation task on its own.

2, adjustable electric actuator

adjustable electric actuator is also called closed-loop control electric actuator, this actuator in addition to the valve switch control function, but also to the valve opening amount to do precise control, in order to achieve accurate control of the media flow.   In terms of working form, the regulating electric actuator is divided into electrically open electric actuator and electrically switched electric actuator.
The working control signal of the electrically open electric actuator and the electrically switched electric actuator is different, and the working form of the electric actuator should be determined in the selection, otherwise it is not suitable in the control system, and it is difficult to modify.

The regulated electric actuator is provided with loss of signal protection, and when the actuator is unable to receive the signal due to a line failure or other reasons, it will open and close the control valve to the established state, usually the valve is fully full, completely off or in place.
Electric actuator In the selection, in addition to pay attention to the electric actuator control mode and valve and other components of the supporting, but also to consider the different electric actuator manufacturers, to give the actuator model form is also different. Different actuator manufacturers start point, development speed are different, the actuator of the innovation and transformation are also various, so customers in the selection, must be as far as possible to provide clear parameters.

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