Three maintenance methods for valve electric actuators

Valve electric devices, like the electrical equipment used in our daily life, must also be cleaned and maintained to achieve longevity. Our staff must ensure that the equipment is in a state of cleanliness, good lubrication, complete valve parts and normal operation. The following are some of the maintenance methods introduced:

1. Lubrication of valve electric actuator: trapezoidal thread of valve electric device, sliding part of stem nut and bracket, bearing part, meshing part of gear and worm wheel, worm and other matching active parts need good lubrication condition and reduce mutual Friction to avoid mutual wear. Some parts are specially equipped with oil cups or grease nipples. If they are damaged or lost during operation, they should be repaired and the oil circuit should be unblocked. The lubrication part should be refueled regularly according to the specific environment. The valve electric device that is often opened and has a high temperature is suitable for one-time to one-month refueling, and does not open frequently. The valve electric device with a low temperature may have a longer refueling cycle.

2. Maintenance of valve electric device: The valve electric device in operation, all kinds of valve parts should be complete and intact. The threads on the flanges and brackets are indispensable, the threads should be intact and no looseness is allowed.

3. Cleaning of the valve electric device: the surface of the valve electric device, the trapezoidal thread on the valve stem and the stem nut, the sliding part of the stem nut and the bracket, and the gears, worm gears, etc., are prone to many dust, oil and media residues. Stains such as stains can cause wear and corrosion on the valve electric device. Therefore, it is often necessary to keep the external and movable parts of the valve electric device clean and to protect the integrity of the valve electric device paint.

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