Working principle of multi-turn, straight stroke and angular stroke electric device  

The electric Device (actuator) is composed of an actuator and a regulating body. Classification by debugging: intrusive, non-invasive two categories, according to the use of functional division there are the following major types:

Electric device to control mode: Switch type, adjustment type. Gas dielectric Environment classification: explosion-proof type, waterproof type. Ambient temperature classification: Overall type, division size. Motor operation mode: continuous operation, discontinuous operation (S1, S4). Switching speed classification: Tanchu, multistage speed. Axial displacement mode: Multi-rotation, straight stroke, angular stroke. Signal input classification: analog quantity, switching amount, etc. Remote Control control mode: Wired network (regular one-to-one control or Fieldbus control), wireless network (Internet of Things +). Below we briefly introduce the working principle of multi-turn, straight stroke electric device and angular stroke electric device.

Multi-turn, straight stroke and angular stroke electric device, these kinds of electric devices are conventional by the servo amplification regulator and the actuator of the two parts of the composition. Now there is an intelligent structure of mechatronics, their structure, working principle and use methods are similar, the difference is only one output displacement (thrust), an output corner (torque). The function of multi-turn, straight stroke and angular stroke electric device is to receive the standard value flow signal of 0~10 Volt, 4~20 ma or 1~5 volt voltage sent by the regulator or other instrument, and turn it into the displacement thrust or corner torque after the electric device, in order to operate the function of opening, closing and stopping the valve, and complete the automatic adjustment task.

Working principle of multi-turn, straight stroke and angular stroke electric device  

The multi-turn intelligent electric actuator produced by QOTO is driven by a single-phase or three-phase servo motor, which slows down through the worm gear worm and drives the hollow output shaft to rotate. In this gearbox, there is a manual/automatic switching mechanism. When the switch handle is in a manual position, operate the handwheel and drive the hollow output shaft to rotate through the clutch. When the electric operation actuator, the manual/automatic switching mechanism automatically falls back, the clutch and worm wheel meshing, driven by the motor hollow output shaft. At the same time, a powerful moment sensor is installed on the motor drive worm shaft, and the stroke is transmitted to the position sensor by meshing the bevel gear on the hollow output shaft.

The intelligent controller of the multi-turn intelligent electric actuator receives the standard analog current control signal or the switching control signal, and compares with the position signal of the valve position sensor, the output shaft of the actuator is located in the position corresponding to the input signal, completes the positioning control, and can be controlled according to the interlocking control, The two-wire control or event signal is positioned in a pre-set position of the control system, unless the output shaft torque value of the actuator is greater than the rated torque value or the torque value is set during operation, otherwise the intelligent controller of the actuator will meet the requirements of the control system, issue the correct instructions, trigger the three-phase solid-state relay To drive the normal operation of the actuator

The PTML Series Direct stroke Intelligent electric device produced by QOTO is based on the PT multi-turn intelligent electric device, which is a combination of additional trapezoidal nut screw, flange bracket and adjusting stroke mechanism. The torque and rotational speed of the multi-rotation are transformed into the stroke and the axial thrust of the linear motion.

QOTO production of angular stroke electric device is AT, PT Multi-rotary Intelligent Electric Device foundation configuration worm gear gearbox combination, derived angle stroke electric device and valve matching, composed of implementation units, used in power stations, petroleum, steel, chemical, oil pipeline, sewage treatment and other automatic control systems, It can not only meet the frequent adjustment control, but also meet the requirements of intermittent control. Suitable for directly driving the opening and closing parts to do linear movement of the valve (regulator valve).

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