• What are the specifications of the electric actuator? How to distinguish between

    The electric actuator is mostly matched with the valve and is used in the automatic control system. There are many kinds of electric actuators, different in the way of action, such as the angular stroke electric actuator is the output corner torque, and the straight stroke electric actuator is the output displacement thrust. The type of electric actuator used in the system should be selected according to the working needs of the valve. The types of valves themselves are quite…

  • What are the control methods for electric actuators?

    The valve controller is actually called the positioner, which is the brain of the valve. The position signal is collected by the feedback lever, the signal is processed, and the corresponding signal is output to the actuator. The electric actuator in the actuator is the hand of the valve, receives the air pressure from the locator, then produces the displacement, through the displacement to control the opening of the valve. Valve type is quite a lot, the working principle is…

  • QOTO products are used in power plants

    The above products are all PTQT series and PT series produced by QOTO, and the installation location is located in a power plant in Shanghai.QOTO has 12 years of experience in the production and sales of valve electric actuators, and we have extensive experience in engineering projects.

  • What is the difference between an intelligent electric actuator and an intelligent integrated electric actuator?

    Now the intelligent electric actuator has not been well recognized specifications, but the basic definition has now been consistent. The performance of intelligence is mainly in several ways: 1. No open cover debugging. 2. With human-computer interface. 3. Torque detection selection of motor current detection methods. 4. Azimuth sensor selection encoder (split relative encoder and positive encoder) 5. The function of self-diagnosis with faults. 6. With bus interface (multiple protocols optional) and so on. Intelligent integrated electric Actuator is shown…

  • What are the relevant parameters of the valve electric actuator?

    Valve electric Actuator is divided into two categories of straight stroke and angular stroke. The electric actuator is powered by a power supply, which is mainly used for the control of valve opening and closing, as well as for the flow regulation control of the piping medium. Basic parameter performance of the electric actuator: 1, control voltage: ac220v50/60hz, dc24v, ac380v, dc220v or specify other. 2, the output torque of the electric actuator: according to the valve on or off when…

  • PTAT live case

    The above picture is a real photo provided by the PTAT series of customers.If you are interested in this, please contact me.

  • PTAT series intelligent electric actuator

      The maximum output torque for this product is 2000N.M.  A variety of parameter specifications are available for selection. For details, please click on the PDF product brochure or contact us directly: PTAT intelligent Electric Actuator Product specification manual PTAT Product details and product comparison chart PTAT Small Electric Actuator Installation Manual PTAT Series Product Parameters Download: 2018 New Catalog of all Electric Valve Actuators

  • PT / PTJ in the steel plant

    The above products are QOTO’s PT/PTJ series. Quick purchase

  • QOTO participates in the 17th International PCVExpo in Russia

    17th International PCVExpo held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow from October 23rd to 25th, 2018. Exhibits: Electric actuators (corner electric actuators, linear electric actuators, multi-turn electric actuators, explosion-proof electric actuators), electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric control valves, electric valves  

  • Problems to be aware of when purchasing imported electric actuators

    1. Drive energy The most commonly used electric actuator drive energy source is a power source or a fluid source. If the power source is selected as the drive energy source, a three-phase power source is generally selected for a large-sized valve, and a single-phase power source can be selected for a small-size valve. General electric actuators are available in a variety of power types. Sometimes DC power can be selected, and the battery can be safely operated by installing…

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