• Fault and treatment method of electric regulator valve

         The working performance of the electric regulator valve will directly affect the working quality of the whole regulation system. Because the electric regulating valve is in direct contact with the tuned medium in the field, the working environment is very bad, so it is easy to produce all kinds of faults. In addition to troubleshooting these faults at any time during the production process, regular maintenance and regular repairs are required. Especially for the use of the environment…

  • Model representation of electric butterfly valve

    The complicated electric valve market has brought some troubles to many consumers, not to mention the uneven quality, the price difference is too much, even the model representation method has to come up with a variety of things, so the consumers of different lines are only in The entry of the model is hard to come by. In fact, all walks of life have their own default representations for the model representation of their own industry. Today we will talk…

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