• Fault and treatment method of electric regulator valve

         The working performance of the electric regulator valve will directly affect the working quality of the whole regulation system. Because the electric regulating valve is in direct contact with the tuned medium in the field, the working environment is very bad, so it is easy to produce all kinds of faults. In addition to troubleshooting these faults at any time during the production process, regular maintenance and regular repairs are required. Especially for the use of the environment…

  • How is the electric actuator installed and commissioned?

    People in industrial production have an understanding of electric actuators. It is the terminal equipment for measurement and control in the production of enterprises. After the frequency screen input signal is displayed, the control signal is automatically converted into a parameter displacement guiding mechanism, and the motion is performed according to a certain displacement after the analysis. Electric actuators are divided into two categories according to different control methods: proportional and integral. The basic principle of the product is the…

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