PTJT Separate Part-turn Electric Actuators

PTJT series quarter-turn electric actuators are intelligent non-intrusive electric actuators, used for rotary valves. They are high performance products manufactured by gathering the world cutting-edge technology, including the absolute encoder technology, sensor technology, electronic torque measurement technology, bus control technology ( Modbus, Profibus,etc. ), infrared remote control technology, OLED anti-vibration liquid crystal display, magnetic switch and other new automatic control technology.
It can be supplied as water proof ( IP68 ) or explosion-proof ( ExdIICT5 ) type, it can also be used in any application, suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, strong vibration and other severe environment.

PTJT Part-turn Electric Actuators Application:
PTJ series actuators can be easily used with rotary valves, such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and dampers. The output angle is 0~90° or 0~300°.Maximum output torque is 2500N.M.

PTJT Part-turn Electric Actuators Structure
Hand/auto lever
Infrared setting
Local controls
Intelligent control system
Base and interface
Junction box
Infrared setting tool

PTJT Part-turn Electric Actuators Mechanical Features
Compact structure, using advanced manufacturing technology and same imported parts of the top brand of the actuator industry.
Non-intrusive design, without opening the electric box cover, debugging and parameter setting can be carried out.
Double seal and double protective structure, completely waterproof and dust-proof, the protection grade is IP68.
Explosion-proof grade can up to Ex d IIC T6 (Optional).
Housing, cast aluminum housing powder-coated for extreme environments. Optional coatings are available. High strength Ductile Iron used in large torque Box.
Worm and worm gear, Long-life gear set consists of hardened alloy steel worm and bronze worm gear. It is completely bearing-supported.
Stem nut, High-strength bronze alloy stem nut is removable for machining to suit the valve stem.
Painting, using three layer for protection, can be applied in severe corrosive environments.
Lubricating oil, high and low temperature maintenance-free lubricating oil

PTJT Part-turn Electric Actuators Protection Features
Torque protection
Quarter-turn actuator torque senses from motor speed, temperature, and voltage, and shuts off the motor to protect the actuator and valve if the set torque is exceeded ( Set range from 30% to 100% of rated torque). It can also use mechanical device ( belleville spring ) to realize torque protection.
Valve limit protection
The actuator will automatically stop when it is reaching the full closing position or full opening position.
Auto-phase protection and correction
Assures proper open/close directions and monitors and corrects phasing if connected improperly.
Instantaneous reversal protection
When the actuator receives a command to act in the opposite direction, it will add a proper time delay between the motor reversals to reduce current surges and extend contactor life.
Phase lost protection
It adopts the method of combining monitoring voltage and current to prevent operation if a phase is lost.
Motor start-up overtime protection
If the output shaft of the actuator does not operate for about 5 seconds after the CPU has sent the command, the electric actuator will consider the valve to be jammed and cut off the power supply to the motor, and provide failure alarm signals for local and remote control.
Motor thermal protection
Two thermistors are placed in the motor to protect against overheating of motor winding.
Electric protection
Input and output signal channels are optoelectronic isolated (can withstand 2000V surge voltage).
Jammed valve discharged automatically function
When the output torque of actuator is bigger than the preset torque, it will automatically initiates a reverse and then forward cycle to free jammed valves, it will try this movement for three times.
Power-down data protection
Valve position is sensed by an 18-bit, optical, absolute position encoder. The encoder measures valve position at all times, including both motor and handwheel operation, with or without power present, and without the use of a battery.

PTJT Part-turn Electric Actuators Product Advantages
Human Machine Interface, HMI is used to display the current position and to detect the current torque and other running states in real time.
Non-intrusive design, without opening the electric box cover, debugging and parameter setting can be carried out.
Infrared technology, can change and set various parameters such as stroke, torque, and contact configuration. It can also use PC or PDA to set the parameter of the actuator.
There are many ways of collecting valve position, we can use absolute encoder, the valve position is collected by 18 bits photoelectric absolute encoder, no mechanical wear, when it is converted between any two adjacent numbers, only one digit is changed, which reduces the bit error rate (BER). The valve position will never lost when the main power supply is lost and when the hand wheel is operated. It does not require battery back-up; we can also use the Hall effect sensor; we can also adopt potentiometer, which is produced by USA Bourns, valve position accuracy up to 0.1%.
Double-sealed design, provides a termination compartment that is separate and sealed from the control compartment. Control components are never exposed to the elements during site wiring or because of a faulty cable connection.
Fault diagnosis, it will cut off the control power and self-protect itself if any kind of fault occurs, and give the corresponding warning information on the screen at the same time.
Electronic torque measurement, without the need for the extra components associated with electromechanical torque switches, the result is highly reliable and predictable.
Reed switch and magnetic steel matched, the knob on the electric cover has only magnetic connection with the reed switch, but without mechanical contact. No through holes and through shafts on electrical covers.
Adopt the most advanced components in the industry, AC contactor is produced by ABB or Schneider or Siemens, potentiometer is produced by USA Bourns, bearing is produced by Japan NSK,Germany INA, sealing ring is produced by Taiwan TTO NAK SOG, etc.
Without changing the hardware structure of the intelligent electric actuator, the new function can be developed quickly through the upgrade program.
A variety of intelligent protection, such as torque protection, valve limit protection, auto-phase protection and correction, instantaneous reversal protection, phase loss protection, motor start-up overtime protection, motor overheating, jammed valve discharged automatically function, power-down data protection, etc.
Remote control technology, support for bus communication ( Modbus, Profibus, Hart, Canopen, etc.) .
Used in any application, on-off and modulating types, is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, strong vibration and other severe environment, is suitable for installation and operation in severely cold climates to -60℃ ( -76℉ ).
Password can be set to prevent misoperation.

PTJT Series Product Parameters
1, PTJ Series Technical Parameters

Item Technical Data
Valve position control intrinsic error≤±1.0%
Power supply3 Phase 380VAC,1 Phase 220VAC, ±10%, 50/60Hz±1%
Deadband0.1%–9.9% adjustable
Temperature-30℃~+70℃ ( Optional -60℃~+120℃)
Output turns0°~90°adjustable ,( Optional 0°~300°adjustable )
Valve position feedback intrinsic error≤1%
Rated stroke time error20%
Repeatability error(Setting stroke time≥25S)≤1%
Motor Design (Class F insulation)S2 - 15min, 60 cycles/hour for ON-OFF types;
S4 - 50% duty, 1200 cycles/hour for modulating types
Life Design10,000 cycles seating at rated torque for ON-OF types; 500,000 starts at load of 50% rated torque for modulating types
Torque output25 Nm to 2,500 Nm
Electric connectionWater proof W type: 1 * M36x1.5, 1 * M22x1.5;
Explosion proof E type: 1 * G3/4", 1 * G1/2";
Other connections can be specified at the time of enquiry

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