QOTO’s self-introduction

QOTO is a Chinese company with 12 of experience in the manufacture of electric actuators, and we are committed to helping our customers solve all problems with valve automation.

To customer demand-oriented, so as to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

The QOTO actuators operate reliably in all areas of the world, including water supply, sewage treatment, power plants, pipelines, refineries and other industrial plants to control the flow of liquids or gases, powders or particles. Our actuators can be customized according to the special requirements of our customers. Based on a wide range of products including high-performance multi-rotation, partial slewing, straight stroke and arm actuators, we offer automation solutions for all valve types-from just 2 feet of ball valves to valve baffles a few metres high.

Advantages of QOTO:

1. High reliability
The QOTO actuator complies with international standards and is designed with high reliability and long service life-trying to minimize maintenance requirements.
The QOTO actuator guarantees safe and reliable service in a variety of extreme environmental conditions.
2. Easily achieve integration
Our products are not only the valve mechanical interface, but also the vital interface in the control system. The modern QOTO Actuator control unit meets the security communication requirements of the Universal field control system. Flexible device location and configuration to meet a variety of installation needs.

QOTO has unique advantages for different fields

1. Water Conservancy
Actuators-proven and certified worldwide
The purification and distribution of drinking water and sewage treatment and purification are the prerequisites for the development of basic industries.
Supply security is vital to the modern water conservancy industry. Pipe transmission automation at different lengths and nominal diameters requires a variety of different types of valves.
Qoto actuators are widely used in the construction of water conservancy systems to operate dams and sluices.

2. Power plants
Power for highly personalized module design
include water and steam circuits, exhaust gas purification, cooling towers, boilers and steam turbines and many other systems. The control system requires the control process to be monitored in the controlling room.
The electric actuator is installed in the valve to control the flow of water and steam flow throughout the piping system. The Qoto actuator provides a variety of valve automation interfaces suitable for power plant control systems.
In the power industry applications, the Qoto actuator shows a high applicability in the power supply, vibration and temperature range to meet the requirements of any mounting position.

3. Oil and gas
To the limit condition as the standard
Oil and gas is an important basic energy source in industry. Their extraction, processing and distribution require quite complex processes and processes.
The oil and gas industry imposes very stringent regulations and standards due to high potential risks to humans and the environment.
Qoto has a reputation in the global oil and gas industry for its full compliance with a wide range of market demands, including growing customer access permits and explosion-proof certifications.
The superior SIL level of the Qoto actuator and its applicability under a variety of harsh conditions fully meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

4. General Industry
Specialists in all application environments
Any substance flows and flows almost all the time. In principle, there is a variety of material flows in industrial systems.
Proper flow control requires a modular and flexible concept. As early as the planning stage, Qoto engineers worked closely with plant designers to best meet the diverse needs of the industrial process.
Whether it’s a standard or customized solution, whether it’s a safety-related issue or a special installation requirement-QOTO modular products provide optimal solutions for all requirements.
Working environment
Qoto products are widely used around the world, are tested for a variety of environmental conditions, and provide reliable services that meet life-durability standards.

5. Extreme Environmental 
With its high anticorrosion protection performance, the Qoto actuator is the first choice for industries such as mining, paper and cement, which can be adapted to a wide range of extremely harsh environments.
The Qoto adjustable actuator meets the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for positioning accuracy and rapid response during long-term operation. The automation of the shipbuilding industry requires compact products: Qoto can provide specially designed actuators based on space size.

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