The installation of the grooved butterfly valve has a bearing on its working life

The installation of the grooved butterfly valve relates to the service life of the grooved butterfly valve, which is more related to the development of the relevant departments. Therefore, the correct installation of grooved butterfly valve is a basic knowledge that every operator must master. So how should I install it? Perhaps many people do not know how to use it to install, then the next to share with everyone to share his installation skills.

Whether it is electric grooved butterfly valve or pneumatic grooved butterfly valve, the operator must at least correctly recognize the opening direction, opening mark and indication signal of the grooved butterfly valve before installing the grooved butterfly valve, and can skillfully and accurately operate the groove Butterfly valve, the groove of the entire groove do know what’s going on. In addition, the installation process also pay attention to the following points:

Grooved butterfly valve packing gland should not be too tight pressure to stem flexible rotation is appropriate, the pressure is too tight, will increase the stem friction, increase the operating torque. Groove butterfly valve work, under normal circumstances can not be pressure to replace or add packing, otherwise, leading to the danger of media leakage.

When the groove butterfly valve leaks, it should first identify the leak location and the reasons, under normal circumstances sub-leaks and external leaks, external leakage according to its external structure is divided into filler leaks and bonnets, valve leakage and sealing surface or Lining leakage of materials, the operator should be accurate judgments, to solve their own timely manner can not be resolved to maintenance workers in a timely manner.

During the installation process to prevent the groove butterfly valve staggered, wrong off, leak open, leak off. Operators should clearly understand the role of each grooved butterfly valve and the position in the process pipe, to prevent the wrong operation, otherwise it may cause running material, mixing material, pressure and other accidents.

Trench butterfly valve working at high temperatures, when the temperature rises above 200 ℃, the bolt heated and extended, easy to seal the groove butterfly valve lax, when necessary, the bolt should be “hot tight”, hot tight, not in the trench Butterfly valve closed position, so stem top dead, and then open the difficulty; and if you encounter low temperature below 0 ℃ season, the deactivated grooved butterfly valve, to the main antifreeze, promptly open the valve plug, discharge inside Condensate water.

Do not exclude and intermittent work on the groove butterfly valve to take warm measures.
A small groove butterfly valve can not underestimate, perhaps because of a small mistake in the operation of the installation process, will make the entire production chain are affected, because we must strive to make mistakes to ensure the quality of work.

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