Traditional irrigation vs Intelligent irrigation

The pain point of traditional irrigation
Traditional irrigation methods are inefficient, labor costs are high irrigation effect is not intuitive, can not be monitored
Low utilization of water resources and rising costs
High cost and low utility rate of fully imported equipment Accurate data collection and collation is not possible.

Three reasons to choose QOTO Intelligent WiFi Control valve

Traditional irrigation vs Intelligent irrigation

01 Intelligent Irrigation One-stop service
We have more than 12 years of industry experience, we can provide you with professional technical services In view of the existing industry pain points, QOTO combined with the world’s most advanced intelligent irrigation technology, focus on the implementation layer, information layer, decision-making level three levels to provide customers with one-stop solution, greatly optimize the existing irrigation system structure, greatly saving investment costs and construction time.

02 Breaking the traditional irrigation concept, science and technology leading agriculture
From the traditional artificial watering, flooding, ditch irrigation upgrade to mobile phone app irrigation system irrigation, greatly improve the irrigation efficiency.
Automatic irrigation system: Through the time control device, timing start, timing shutdown, in the pipe network irrigation system on the basis of significant savings in human resources. Intelligent Irrigation System: through meteorological and environmental data sensors, the system can scientifically configure the best irrigation scheme, through the Internet, can monitor the state of the system in real time, remote control system, change the mode of operation.

03 Strength to create a full range of intelligent irrigation system QOTO has 12 years of industry experience, with senior design, construction groups.
Intelligent irrigation system based on intelligent controller environment Real-time information IoT intelligent Monitoring and management platform construction and development Can meet the large shed, breeding shed, laboratory, plant, pumping room, cistern and other multi-directional intelligent system control.

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