Trench gate cleaning method for groove gate valve

Talking about the groove gate valve I believe we all understand, it is our common pipe connection valve, is widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other pipelines. But the valve will become dirty after use for a period of time, then the groove gate valve how to clean it? The following is a detailed introduction.

The oil and media residues on the valve are suitable for steam purging and even scrubbing with a copper wire brush until the machined surface shows a metallic luster with the mating surface and the painted surface shows the natural color of the paint. Traps should be hand responsible for each class at least once, regularly open the flush valve and trap at the end of the plug for flushing, or regular removal of flushing, so as to prevent dirt clogging the valve, the valve cleaning the valve surface, stem and stem Trapezoidal thread on the nut, stem nut and bracket sliding parts and gear, worm and other components, easy to accumulate dust, oil and media residues and other dirt, the valve will be worn and corrosion. Therefore, it is obviously very important to keep the exterior of the valve and the movable parts clean frequently to protect the integrity of the valve paint.
Above is the groove gate valve cleaning methods, hoping to bring everyone help.

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