What are the benefits of new butterfly valves for regulating flow in pipes?

The new butterfly valve can better regulate the pressure and flow in the pipe.
For process industry enterprises, water treatment and public institutions, the regulation of water flow in pipelines is a very demanding mission. The Electric actuator B + RS160 knows that the cavitation effect and water hammer effect of water flow will bring great constraints to the planning of process equipment, reduce the production power of process equipment, and increase the cost of process equipment protection and maintenance. Compared with the traditional butterfly valve, the new butterfly valve provides a better solution.
The advantages of low cost, light weight, simple protection and maintenance make butterfly valve widely used in water supply equipment of process industry. Because of its high flow ability, short length scale and wide flow conditioning scale, it has become a favorite in the application of flow conditioning.
But when it comes to pressure conditioning, the situation is different. When conditioning pressure, because of the limited pressure difference of traditional butterfly valves, they are not suitable for pressure conditioning. Experience tells us, however, the Electric actuator B + RS250 product through the understanding that when the effect on the butterfly valve disc pressure exceeds 30% of the input pressure, it will produce cavitation in the general butterfly valve. Therefore, butterfly valve is a good choice in flow regulation, but the use of butterfly valve in pressure regulation is restricted.

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