Valve electric actuator manual and troubleshooting

Valve electric actuator instructions

Valve electric actuator instructions: valve electric actuators must be used in accordance with the formal use, if you do not understand the random operation, it will cause damage to the valve. It is recommended that everyone use it after professional training, which is more beneficial to us. So how should this machine be maintained? 1. We see that it is maintained in a long-term manner, not in the short term. After using the machine, you should check if the machine is damaged.
2. If the machine is damaged, it will affect our use, and what everyone should do is to timely repair after the problem is discovered, so as to avoid more failures.
Here is a simple way to maintain it. When it comes to maintenance, first pay attention to the way it is used, and whether our voltage is normal.
1. Valve electric actuator also has certain requirements on voltage. If the voltage is not enough, it will damage the machine. Pay attention to check the voltage to prevent the machine from causing certain harm. This must be noted.
2. In the case that the voltage is not enough to drive the machine, do not use it casually, which is very unfavorable for us.
3. Also, you should check if the machine is noisy or if the electronic components are out of date. If you find these two problems, you should check them in time, and don’t worry. The reason is very simple, because small problems often lead to big problems, what we have to do is timely inspections and timely maintenance.
In this way, pay attention to any dynamics generated by the valve electric actuator in time, and if there is a fault in time for maintenance, there will be no problem.

Valve electric actuator fault handling method:

1. Electric actuator motor does not move
Reasons: 1. The power cord is disconnected, 2. The control line is faulty 3. The stroke and torque control mechanism is out of order.
Remedy: 1. Check the power cord, 2. Troubleshoot the line, 3. Troubleshoot the stroke or torque control mechanism.
2. Output shaft rotation does not meet the requirements
Cause: The power phase sequence is reversed.
Remedy: Exchange any two power cords.
3. Motor overheating
Reason: 1. The continuous working time is too long, 2. The phase line is disconnected.
Remedy: 1. Stop running to cool the motor. 2. Check the power cord.
4. The motor in operation is stopped.
Reasons: 1. The valve is faulty, 2. The electric device is overloaded, and the torque control mechanism is activated.
Remedy: 1. Check the valve, 2. Increase the setting torque.
5. After the electric valve is in place, the motor does not stop or the light does not light.
Reasons: 1. The stroke or torque control mechanism is faulty, 2. The stroke control mechanism is improperly adjusted.
Remedy: 1. Check the stroke or torque control mechanism, 2. Re-adjust the stroke control mechanism.
6. Remote no valve position signal
Reasons: 1. The potentiometer gear set screw is loose, 2. The remote potentiometer is faulty.
Remedy: 1. Tighten the potentiometer gear set screw. 2. Check and replace the positioner.

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