What are the main uses of electric actuators?

At present, the layout of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects, the main users of valves are petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, Chemical industry and urban construction industry. Electric actuator manufacturers mentioned API standard gate valves, Globe valves and check valves are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. The Power department mainly adopts the high temperature pressure gate valve, the cut-off valve, the check valve, the safety valve and the low pressure butterfly valve of the power station partial water supply and drainage valve. The chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve. Metallurgical industry mainly uses low-pressure large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve. The urban construction department mainly adopts low pressure valve. For example, large-caliber gate valves are mainly used in urban water supply pipelines, midline butterfly valves are mainly used in construction, metal sealed butterfly valves are mainly used for urban heating. The oil pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve.


The pharmaceutical industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve; the food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve and so on. Electric actuator is an indispensable equipment to realize valve program control, automatic control and remote control. Its motion process can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust size. Because the performance and utilization of the electric device depends on the type of valve, the operating procedures of the equipment and the location of the valve’s piping or equipment, the correct selection of the electric actuator is essential to prevent overload (working torque is higher than the control torque). Therefore, it is very important to choose the electric actuator correctly.

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