What is the difference between an intelligent electric actuator and an intelligent integrated electric actuator?

Now the intelligent electric actuator has not been well recognized specifications, but the basic definition has now been consistent.
The performance of intelligence is mainly in several ways:
1. No open cover debugging.
2. With human-computer interface.
3. Torque detection selection of motor current detection methods.
4. Azimuth sensor selection encoder (split relative encoder and positive encoder)
5. The function of self-diagnosis with faults.
6. With bus interface (multiple protocols optional) and so on. Intelligent integrated electric Actuator is shown in the integrated control, the control part of the old product DKJ products (servo amplifier) is independent.
And the intelligent actuator is an integrated control. Diversification is demonstrated by the advanced components and skills of intelligent electric actuators, which make them widely adaptable, such as the arbitrariness of 0 points and full setting, as well as the wide adaptability of torque and stroke.


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