What is the classification of valve electric actuators?

Classified by operating system
1, the wind system uses electric valves
Electric conditioning damper ※ Smoke exhaust valve ※VAV damper
2, the water system uses electric valves
Electric two-way valve ※Electric three-way valve ※balance valve
Electric air valve classification
Electric actuators are also classified according to the type of actuator.
1. Use the valve of the quarter-turn actuator
Fan coil electric valve
Manipulating the ball valve
Butterfly valve
2. Valves using straight stroke actuators
Compact control valve
Seat valve
Water system electric valve classification
1. According to the flow method: electric two-way valve, electric three-way valve;
2. According to the structure: electric butterfly valve, electric ball valve, electric seat valve;
3. According to the type of operation: switch type electric valve, electric conditioning valve;
4. According to the medium: water valve, steam valve.

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