Working principle and structure composition of electric valve

Introduction to the working principle of the electric actuator:

The electric valve is usually connected by an electric actuator and a valve, which becomes an electric valve after installation and commissioning. The electric valve uses electric energy as power to connect the electric actuator drive valve to realize the valve switch and adjust the action.In order to achieve the pipeline medium switch or adjustment purposes.
Electric Valve drive is generally with the motor, on or off the completion of the action needs a certain amount of time to simulate, you can do the adjustment. Compare the resistance to voltage shock. Solenoid valve is fast open and fast off, generally used in small flow and small pressure, requires a large switching frequency; electric valve conversely. The opening of the electric valve valve can be controlled, the state has open, off, half-open half-off, can control the flow of media in the pipeline and the solenoid valve does not meet this requirement. The three-wire electric valve has f/r/n three lines, F represents the forward action (or open action) control line, R represents the reverse action (or close action) control line, n represents the ground wire. Solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve, is the use of electromagnetic coil generated by the magnetic field to pull the valve core, thus changing the valve body through the break, coil power outage, the valve core depends on the spring pressure return.

Introduction to the structure composition of electric valves:

Working principle and structure composition of electric valve
1, electric valve is mainly composed of valve and electric actuator two parts, electric installation using electric actuator. Its output shaft adopts the form of stem nut type connection, the size of the receiver flange, and the movement of the stem up and down.Thus the drive STEM drives the gate to do a straight motion of rising and falling, in order to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the valve of the electric ball valve.
2, Valve Electrical installation with manual operating mechanism, in the absence of power supply can be used manual operation to hoist and close the valve, handwheel clockwise rotation when closing the valve.Turn on the valve pneumatic ball valve when turning counterclockwise.
3, valve flange using self-pressure seal structure, its gasket using stainless steel metal gasket, can withstand 4500 pounds of high-pressure seal, sealing performance reliable ball valve.
4, the gate adopts the Wedge type single gate structure, the valve size is small, the structure is compact floating ball valve.
5, the valve body using forging welding structure, fundamentally solve the quality problems caused by casting defects, eliminate the scrap rate, improve the reliability of the product.
6, gate plate and seat sealing material surfacing cobalt-based cemented carbide.
7, Valve rod, valve cover with inverted sealing device. When necessary, this inverted sealing device can be temporarily used to isolate the medium from the packing box, but the filler can not be replaced by an inverted device.

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